Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine





Naturopathic Visits

Initial Visit : 90 minutes

In our first visit together we will explore your health concern(s) and/or health goals and then further discuss foundations of health. Foundations of health for me include an in depth discussion of medical history, diet, physical activity, mood, energy, digestion, sleep, and a review of all body systems. Dr. Sears will outline what working together on your personal health goals may look like. Dr. Sears’s goal is to meet you where you are on your own health journey and to get you where you want to be.

Dr. Sears’s initial appointments typically last 90 minutes. Prior to this appointment Dr. Sears has spent time interpreting your intake forms. In this time pertinent physical exams will be done, necessary or requested blood work established, and more extensive questions will be covered to ensure Dr. Sears can create your individualized, comprehensive treatment plan and treatment options. In this visit it is important to establish your health goals and what modalities you are open to and believe resonate best for you.

Follow Up Visits: 30-60 minutes

Patient Plans, education, reviewing blood work and/or functional testing will be covered in these appointment. Focused physical exams will be done. By the end of each appointment Dr. Sears’s goal is to make sure you have all your questions answered, a deeper understanding of what is going on with your body/conditions and finally a plan you feel confident in moving forward.

Functional Testing


  • Gut Microbiome Testing

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Leaky Gut or Gut Hyperpermability Testing

Hormones and HPA Dysfunction Testing

  • Cycle Mapping

  • D.U.T.C.H testing


  • NutraEval

  • Amino Acid Profiles

Heavy Metals

Genetic SNPs Testing and Interpretation (see more detail below)


  • COMT

  • APO

Basic Blood Work:

Provided by a concierge lab who will provide your blood draw in office or in home for your convenience. Dr. Sears also will use Quest Labs for those wishing to use insurance for lab work costs.



Genetic Testing Interpretations

Have you had your Genetic Testing done from 23 and me or other companies. Dr. Sears takes an extensive look into your Genetic SNPs from the raw data provided in these reports and shares with you the key to your genetic profile and how that can be helping you live your best and healthiest life.

Genetics is truly something at the foundation of functional/Naturopathic Medicine. This is what makes you, YOU! This answers the many questions and controversies out there as to why some people respond to certain diets, work outs, therapeutic interventions, medications, etc.

By looking at individual SNP’s we can piece together your puzzle. We can see what your risks are for certain chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, etc. We can also tell what diet and work out type your body is going to respond best to. By looking at eating tendencies as far as snacking, cravings, blood sugar regulation. We can understand why your eating patterns are the way they are. We can understand why you may respond better to endurance training, vs heavy weightlifting, vs. low weight but high repetition training. Not only does this provide so much insight to the inner workings of your individual body but Dr. Sears can take this information to design the best way to overcome unfavorable genes and use the power of your genes to know exactly what foods your body is going to respond best to as it pertains to optimal weight management as well as the exact exercise program you need to be following.


B12 Injections

B12 is a critical nutrient for many processed in our body. It is easily depleted various many mechanisms including common genetic mutations that cause an individual to have difficulty using certain forms of b12.

Dr. Sears using MethylCobalamin B12 in her injections.

Certain lifestyle factors, genetics, and diseases may put you at high need for B12 injections. Some include the following:

  • MTHFR genetic mutations

  • Autism

  • Those following a Vegan or Vegetarian diet

  • Irritable bowl disease (chrons and U.C.)

  • IBS, SIBO, Leaky Gut

  • History of Bariatric Surgery

  • Fatigue and/or anemia

  • Obesity and/or Weight Loss Resistance

  • intestinal Inflammation

  • and more!



Cupping Therapy

30 minute cupping sessions. Dr. Sears practices both stagnant cupping and/or sliding cupping. This therapy can be used for muscle recovery, body pain, anxiety, lymphedema, poor immune function, inflammation, and stagnant conditions. For further information on cupping and how you may benefit please feel free to contact us with your questions