Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine



Collaborative Healthcare

We believe optimal healthcare comes from having a team of healthcare providers behind you. Dr. Sears is happy to work with your other healthcare providers to make sure you’re receiving the best treatment plan and options that you deserve.


Root Cause Medicine

Dr. Sears believes in working to investigate and treat the root cause of your symptoms, rather than just suppressing them. She believes your symptoms are your body’s way of communicating to you imbalance in your health and she will work with you to uncover these messages and treat.


Evidence Based Medicine

Our practice is dedicated to providing you with treatment plans based on the latest research available as well as clinical experience.


Individualized Medicine

We are all different and no one treatment size fits all. Dr. Sears treatment plans are developed with taking into account the person as a whole. Understanding the unique things that make you, you!


Doctor as teacher

Dr. Sears is passionate about educating her patients on health topics, treatment options, and reasoning behind necessary testing or prescriptions. Her goal through this education is to help patients to feel empowered to advocate for their healthcare needs, be confident in understanding their treatment options and knowing what questions are important to have answered.