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Corporate Wellness


Corporate Wellness

Creating happy, healthy, positive, workplaces

To learn more and discuss a plan that will be the best fit for you and your company please call or type us a message sharing your individualized needs.


Discounted Membership Pricing

3-10 employees: $90/person

11-20 employees: $80/person

21-30 employees: $70/person

31-50 employees : $60/person

All Visits included at this price -Including cupping therapy appointments. (capped at 35 visits/year). This is with a 12 month contract.

Full access to our community based health and wellness programs 4/year.

  • Each Program will include in person sessions, access online to our wellness community, and educational materials and related resources provided. The goal is to create a space where you can have all the tools and support to make lifelong changes and adjustments in these areas. Dr. Sears created these workshops to help you develop skills you can use beyond the duration of each program. Our first program will be running August 2019.

    1. How to Meal Prep and Prosper 101: 4 week program. (September 2019)

    2. Minimizing Exposure to harmful Substances. 4 week program. (Oct 2019)

    3. The Elimination Diet Intervention: The reset to our gut, brain, stress and hormonal system. 4 week program. (January 2020)

    4. Understanding Yin and Yang Balance in your everyday life. 4 week program (March 2020)

Enjoy Discounted visits with our Membership Partners:

  • Happy.Whole.You Fort Collins: 50% off an initial service as well as $20 off any wellness package

  • Discover Life Chiropractic Care: ‘Gift of Health’ which includes Chiropractic Consultation, Exam, comprehensive neurological exam (motor nerves, autonomic nerves, range of motion and heart rate variability testing). $100 value.

  • $10 dollars off one 60 minute massage with Kathleen Strong, LMT.

  • Becky Lauridsen, Mental Health Therapist and founder of IOME Guilt Free Self Care. 50% off Initial 60 min Therapy Session


Quarterly Lunch and Learns

Knowledge is empowering. Dr. Sears is passionate about sharing with you and your employees information on topics that can benefit them in their daily activities. We cannot optimize that of which we are unaware of.

With a corporate wellness membership Dr. Sears will come and provide quarterly lunch and learn sessions in your office. Topics can be requested and will always be applicable to the goals of your employees and company’s mission.


creating space to Help Improve employee Health, happiness and motivation in the workplace

You may have heard the phrase, “ Health is the best wealth” This statement rings true in so many aspects. We cannot buy health, we cannot enjoy success without health, our health can limit us and our businesses.

We understand the value of health in your workplace and we have created this Corporate Wellness program to help make health and wellness available to your business.

We look forward to helping create a positive, healthy, and supportive environment to help your employees feel their best. Health and wellness translates to so many other aspects of our lives and offering this individualized, hands on, accessible healthcare to your employees can help everyone reach their goals and take your business to the next level.

This can provide long term financial savings for your company as well. By focusing on preventative healthcare you can keep your employees productive, present and less stressed in the workplace.